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Are you looking for tablecloths at a low price but with high quality? Elegant Event Essentials is your one-stop shop for all things event decor. Shopping at Elegant Event Essentials makes decorating special events easy and affordable, whether you are a bride-to-be, event planner, wedding planner, or just looking for ideas.

What table covers does Elegant Event Essentials offer?

Elegant Event Essentials offers a wide variety of wholesale tablecloths. We offer three types of tablecloths to decorate any size or shape of event tables. We have the right tablecloths for your baby shower, thanksgiving party, birthday, or another occasion!

Our round tablecloths come in four sizes. There are four sizes available: 90", 108", 120", 120", and 132" for cocktail tables, sweetheart tables, and even cake tables.

We also offer rectangular tablecloths in different sizes. For a shorter lap length, we have small tablecloths.

We have tablecloths that measure 90x108 inches and are best for 4ft tables. Our tablecloths are also available in 90x132 inches and 90x156 inches, which are ideal for 6ft and 8ft tables.

Square tablecloths can also be purchased to enhance the overall appearance of your event. These can be used as stand-alone tablecloths or overlays for both rectangular and round tablecloths.

How much do tablecloths cost?

This price does not include any cleaning fees. The question is: Is renting or buying linens for weddings and other events cheaper?

Although renting linens may seem more cost-effective, it will end up being more affordable to buy linens. You can reuse linens purchased from the store for future events. You can reuse linens for other occasions, such as thanksgiving parties or birthdays.

If you host parties or events frequently, purchasing quality tablecloths made of cheap polyester will save you money over renting them repeatedly. To recover costs, online linens can be sold through buy-and-sell platforms or event-planning forums.

Consider the material, quality and intended use of the tablecloth when shopping for tablecloths for special events. Tablecloths of high quality will last for many years with proper care.

Some linen companies offer fabric at a lower GSM (grams/square meter). These linens are more prone to tearing, breaking, and snags. These linens also look lighter and less opaque.

Elegant Event Essentials is the industry leader. All of our durable, cheap tablecloths are made from high-quality GSM. Customers love our polyester tablecloths. They have a GSM 200.

You can also have many options for choosing the proper tablecloths for your event. You don't have to limit yourself to what is available at rental shops.

Both renting and buying table covers have their pros and cons. Your needs and preferences will determine which option you make. Elegant Event Essentials can guarantee that you will receive high-quality, cheap tablecloths wholesale if you decide to purchase linens.

Tablecloths to buy - Which size should I purchase? and What is the ideal tablecloth?

  • The size of your table and the length of the drop will determine the size of the tablecloth. Tablecloths should not only be high-quality but also fit well on your tables for a crisp, clean look.
  • The table's length and table height can be used to determine the right size tablecloth. Let us tell you a little secret: Our tablecloth size calculation is much easier.
  • Once you have the right size tablecloth, it is time to match the colour scheme of the event.
  • White is the most common colour for table linens, particularly for weddings. It is elegant and professional for any event. Close behind are off-white and ivory.
  • Black table covers are very popular, especially for elegant and high-end events. These timeless, classic linen colours are available in many different sizes and shapes. These colours are available in premium bulk tablecloths.
  • We have the perfect tablecloths for you whether you need to purchase tablecloths for party planning or for everyday use at your annual gatherings. We can help you find the right size and colour for your event, as well as the differences in tablecloths.

Elegant Event Essentials can provide quality tablecloths and linens at a fraction of the cost. This will help you create unforgettable moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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