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  1. Hessian Jute Table Runner
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table runner

First, you might be wondering what a table runner is. A table runner is a piece of fabric that runs the length of the table in the center of the table, as opposed to a tablecloth, which completely covers the table.
The table runner was used by aristocrats to protect the table from crumbs and spills. The purpose of table runners has changed, but you can dine like royalty with a collection of affordable table runners.

Golden table runner

Add an elegant and gorgeous touch to your next gathering with the gold table runner. Before choosing, think about what effect you want to achieve. This gold table runner is a great decoration that will look beautiful on your table at any celebration or banquet.

Black table runner - white table runner - table runner pattern

If you like simple things, whether you need a black table runner, white table runner, coral table runner or maroon table runner with a table runner, we won't let you down. A pattern that allows you to freely use the collection. You choose your design for a great finish! No matter what time of year. Browse a selection of table runner patterns in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles. These organically captivating table runner patterns add charm and rustic style to your interior. Its neutral tones and undulating surroundings are perfect all year round.

The attractive table runner makes combining tablecloths and serviettes easier than ever. In addition, all fabric products such as tablecloths and runners are reusable, which significantly reduces the amount of decorating work at future events. Visit for more options to dress up your event at wholesale prices.