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Spandex Tablecloth

Need to convert your table to match your event's setting? Or need to cover up your furniture just so it doesn't get dirty. We at Elegant Event Essentials have the perfect solution for you. Spandex, which is commonly known as Lycra, is a stretchy cloth that doesn't wrinkle and easily expands to change the size of the object you want to drape. It gets completely covered by spandex tablecloths without any openings. Our exquisite spandex tablecloths can be washed multiple times without losing their lustre or appeal and may be used again without the need for ironing. Our spandex tablecloths reflect sophisticated elegance and value. The smooth lustre of the spandex material will give your party venue a magnificent atmosphere. These heavy-duty tablecloths feature stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant properties that make them a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor events and weddings while staying within budget. Available as Round Tablecloth and Rectangle Tablecloth, in black and white colours in multiple sizes.