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Backdrop Drapes 

Our Backdrop Drapes are the ideal option for backdrops at weddings, tradeshows, birthday parties, showrooms, and other events where you want to add a sense of elegance because of their smooth, linen-like texture and long-lasting sturdiness. These elegant, cost-effective, and sturdy Backdrops are the ideal option as a wise investment. These sumptuous Backdrop Drapes can be used repeatedly with the same vibrancy, guaranteed safety, and immaculate charm because of their particular characteristics of flame retardation, wrinkle, and stain resistance. With these gorgeous curtains, you can take satisfaction in accentuating all of your occasions that call for extra glitz and glamour and making those spotlight moments even more memorable. Available as Sequin Backdrop, Rosette Backdrop, Crushed Velvet Backdrop, Ice Silk Backdrop and more in various sizes.