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Best Wholesale Washi Tape Suppliers in USA

If you’re a bride who love craft and DIY things then these washi tapes are for you. Start decorating your wedding venue with Elegant Event Essentials, a largest washi tape suppliers USA

Our washi tapes can gracefully elevate your wedding venue, as they come with various prints and color.

How Washi Tapes Can Be Useful In your Wedding Decorations

If you’re in the path of planning you own wedding, and want to create some magical DIY thing then you can simply take help from the biggest wholesale washi tape suppliers in USA, who are Elegant Event Essentials.

In the next following section, we’ve mentioned some points that how you can take your crafting essentials into your wedding décor. 

  • Packaging: with washi tape you can easily tape all the return gifts and kraft bags with just small piece of washi tapes. You can also enfold it around a package, then add glittery coil to make it even more stunning.
  • Invitation Cards: Try DIY invitation cards! Washi tape can be a simple way to add colors, borders and shapes to your cards.
  • Guest Book: Take a polaroid picture for your guests and tape them in your wedding guest book and have them write a cute note for you.
  • Photo Booth Backdrop: Create a washi tape photo booth using flowers and tape them to a blank wall. Be ready to click the cutest photos in your wedding ceremony.
  • Block letters: They are an excellent for decorating and writing names in block letters, So, just write your and groom’s name with washi tapes.

Count On Us While Shopping for Washi Tapes

As a leading wholesale washi tape suppliers in USA, we are proud to offer our wedding décor materials in places like Nevada, Maryland, Hawaii, California and many more.

So, being a dignified supplier of washi tapes, we’ve listed few qualities of our item so that you can differentiate our services from other suppliers and will make your choice evident about Elegant Event Essentials.

  • Easy to Tear: without any tools and hard work, anyone can easily tear the tapes.
  • Water Resistance: These adhesive tapes are water resistance, so without any hesitation, use it wherever you want to.
  • Writeable: You can easily write and customize small notes and messages in our washi tapes.
  • Durable: Our tapes have a premium tensile strength, which eventually makes it very durable and you can use it for longer period.  
  • Easy return and refund: If you don’t like the washi tape it can be easily returnable and refundable if the product is not damaged or used.

Still Confused?

Are you still mystified about our washi tape uses? Or need a quote regarding to your requirements. Then feel free to contact us at +1 (201) 745-3303, or you can mail us at [email protected]. We will promise to support you as much as possible.