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How to Decorate Wedding Tables?


There are many ways to liven up the interior of the venue. Decorators and florists invent new and original solutions using the most popular design styles. Expert advice is very helpful when decorating a wedding table with your own hands. It should be kept in mind that being overwhelmed by jewelry can seem vulgar.

Basic rule: The table must be decorated in the same style. Don't use too many colors.

Types of flower decorations for wedding tables

  • Flower bouquets are a classic of this genre. The composition of the plant is concentrated on short stems so that guests and bridal couples can communicate comfortably. A clear glass vase can be used to keep an eye on the bouquet and at the same time create a stylish decoration. It can be spherical or multifaceted. The wooden stanchions emphasize the tenderness and tenderness of the flowers. Compact baskets are now solemn.
  • The buds that float on the water look unusual and stylish. We recommend using a wide ceramic container or around a miniature aquarium.
  • Candle and candlestick flower decoration. The magical combination of light and airy petals illuminates the night atmosphere.
  • Petal scattering.
  • The latest trend is glass terrariums with succulents. Glass boxes can have a  variety of geometric shapes. The decoration fits stylishly into any interior.

Bride and Bride Table Flower Ornaments

There are many possibilities for flower decorations. However, you must follow the basic principles.

When decorating a table for a bridal couple, it is worth observing the degree of moderation. There should not be too many flowers in the flora composition. Do not block your view. Please pay attention to yourself.

Most often used for decoration:

  • Flat composition.
  • Low round bouquet.
  • A narrow high bouquet with a minimal number of flowers.
  • Eco-style songs. These are potted flowers, wooden vases, and pots made of natural materials.

Special attention has been paid to the front of the bridal couple table. She is open to guests. She also needs to be decorated in a general style. You can use wooden lanterns with flower arrangements, potted flowers, and garlands.

Colour Palette

You must select a neutral or muted color as the basis for your flower arrangement. Flowers on a bright palette should be minimized. Colour riots can confuse a harmonious ensemble.

Variety Choices

When choosing flowers for wedding decorations, you need to consider the theme and overall concept. The retro style includes the use of large burgundy roses.
A rustic decoration would not be possible without a bouquet of wildflowers and a wreath. Provence decoration must contain lavender.
Flowers with a strong and persistent scent should be minimized.

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