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Large Organza Bags

Use these lovely organza bags for your jewellery, candies, wedding favours, baby shower favours, or anything else you want to meet them! These large organza bags can hold many items such as bottles, cans, shirts, mugs, and fruits. The unique colours will surely add elegance to your day! It's easy to close, so just pull on the satin ribbon on the side to make a nice bag. These bags are made of light organza, and the purse is made of satin. Durable bags with seams on both sides, these bags have a zippered pocket for convenient storage. 


These large organza bags are a great way to give a stylish gift on any occasion. Whether you're wrapping a basket of household items for a wedding gift or baking a baby shower diaper cake, these large organza bags are the ideal solution. These bags have plenty of space to hold even the bulkiest items. Made from thick, durable mesh; these bags are sure to last. Each bag features a silk drawstring, so you can securely close your gift once it's complete. 


Large organza gift bags are suitable for all occasions, Be it Weddings, Showers, Functions, Birthdays, Festivals, or any Event. Excellent for packing Dry Fruits, Sweets, Chocolates, Jewelry, Coins, etc. These large mesh gift bags are perfect for gifts and bags for books and can be easily stored in these large mesh gift pockets, and accessories save search time and are practical and comfortable. 

This high-quality, large organza drawstring bag is perfect for special occasions and provides practical storage for larger daily necessities such as candles and handicrafts. The pocket size is perfect for on-the-go use, and the secure drawstring closure keeps your treasure from being pushed out in transit.