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Gift Bags and Accessories

Whether before or after the wedding, accessories are always needed and we have the ideal answer for you. We have organza gift bags that you can use to give your guests gifts they will appreciate. In addition, you can replace your worn-out zippers on bags, dresses and jackets with our high-quality YKK zippers to give them new life and a fresh look. These zippers come in a variety of styles and colors and are readily available. They are also incredibly strong and easy to sew with other fabrics. We also offer masks that you can always complement with your dress or use in combination with your daywear - made of strong, washable and breathable materials. Also, they come in more than 10 colors so you can match them to your outfit. Tapes also have numerous practical uses in everyday life. You can use it to accessorize your seats, make them look more elegant, bundle your gifts and dress up your outfit.